About Us

Accelerating and financing growth

First Round Ltd. is a private development company and business accelerator. Our team of experts offers startups and other companies services for accelerating new business operations, for growth and for seeking growth financing.

Our specialised expertise focuses on the digital world and how to utilise digital skills to create new business. Our customers are all companies seeking rapid growth that are strongly committed to generating new business by deploying ground-breaking technologies and business models.


The accumulated experience of First Round’s team combined with its national and global networks are of concrete benefit to companies pursuing growth. The team’s experience in financing, and in how to seek financing and use it to good effect, help a company’s development in all phases of its lifecycle. We constantly monitor our client companies’ needs and we collaborate with our partners in gathering expertise and networks, for both jointly developing companies and for exchanging experiences.


Our company is strategically located in Riihimäki, along Growth Corridor Finland. This area is home to 40% of Finland’s jobs and generates roughly one-half of Finland’s corporate net sales.