Accelerator services

Is your objective to succeed and internationalise rapidly? Our accelerator services are ideally suited not only for startup companies, but also for all enterprises that want to grow and renew their business. In our accelerator programme, we collaborate with a company to define in detail plans and actions to achieve this. We then assist the company to receive starting-phase financing, to develop final products for the market, to acquire the first customers, and to seek the best paths to growth and international expansion. We provide both strategic and practical support.

A monthly fee is charged for the service plus a small commission linked to the actual growth achieved. The duration of a service agreement is generally two years. All companies and teams seeking growth can apply for the service. The service includes:

Analysis of business idea
Acquisition of initial financing
Utilisation of corporate, educational and professional networks
Market surveys and other preparatory actions for business development
Commercialisation, sales development and internationalisation

Growth financing services

Do you want to ensure that your company receives financing? In our programme for growth financing, we seek the best financing options for your company from our wide-ranging networks. We collaborate with FiBAN, the Finnish Business Angels Network, a private angel investment association. We are the operating location for FiBAN in Kanta-Häme, the region in the middle of the Growth Corridor Finland. Since then we have grown and actively developed our operations. We also have other private and public finance providers in our network, through which a company can apply for financing. The process to seek for financing includes:

Screening of a company
Preparation of investor material and liaison with investors
Advice and negotiations for finance

Corporate startup services

Are you looking for new business through digitisation or new business models? Established companies can renew and develop new business through startups. We assist established enterprises in identifying and screening suitable startups, and also in deploying suitable models for cooperating with startups. Our service suits all established companies looking to develop their businesses in new ways. In digital business and internet services, for instance, startups can develop and test new services with incredible speed.

Mapping the corporate’s needs
Identifying and selecting startup companies
Planning of cooperation model